"We specialize in barbecue products, mainly from the original barbecue country USA.

We have the biggest assorment in Europe of barbecue accessories and cover all consumer needs."

Barbecue Master´s 

Møgelgårdsvej 19-21 / 8520 Lystrup 

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The Companion Group, established in 1984, develops a variety of grilling accessories and specialty food items through the Charcoal Companion® and Steven RaichlenTM brands.

The pizzacraft® brand is a growing line of pizza stones, pizza accessories and portable outdoor pizza ovens.

The Companion Group thrives on commitment to creative and innovative design, unique licensing-partnerships, superior communication and service, and well-developed retail solutions for an ever-changing marketplace.​

We also sell products from Not In My Backyard. Have a look, here.

For more information contact www.companion-group.com​

Barbecue Masters ApS

Møgelgårdsvej 19-21
8520 Lystrup

Tlf.: +45 5046 4890

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Barbecue-Masters ApS
Møgelgårdsvej 19-21
8520 Lystrup